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Editing is reviewing a document before publication. It can include improving language, word choice, consistency, organisation and structure, flow, and readability.

Editing differs from proofreading in that it doesn’t focus on fixing spelling and punctuation errors. Editing is divided into four main areas.

Developmental Editing

This is a review of the document as a whole.

Does it make sense? Is the plot consistent? Are there gaping holes in the story? Are the chapters arranged correctly? Is it too long or too short?

These are the types of questions addressed during a developmental edit.

Structural Editing

This looks at the structure of the story at a more detailed level. It can look at character development, consistency of writing style, tone, and settings, plot and pacing, and many other considerations.

Line Editing

This goes into even more detail.

Is every sentence clear? Are some words or phrases used too often? Are the facts correct? Are any sentences awkward?

Copy Editing

Does it all make grammatical sense? Will the readers understand it? Is the style consistent? Does it switch from American to British English halfway through? Did the main character’s hair change colour in chapter three?

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