Who is Nic, anyway?

Good question, and I’m still trying to work that out. At a practical level, I’m a British/Australian writer, author, copy editor, and proofreader. I’ve been writing since I went to sea in my mid-teens, and I often rely on my maritime experiences when I’m looking for story ideas.

Left to my own devices, I enjoy travelling, teaching, sailing and telling stories that grab people’s interest and make them think.

To me, sloppy spelling and grammar are like nails on a blackboard: I need to either run away or fix them. Words are tools. If we use them carelessly, they don’t work as intended.

I take pride in producing writing that is clear, accurate and easy for laypeople to understand.

As well as both UK and US English, I have a working knowledge of French and Dutch. I am available for both one-off and ongoing jobs.

You can find my public work on Medium, The Motley Fool and Casual Money Talk, and my book The Merchant Navy Survival Guide on Amazon, Google Books, and other good bookstores.

If you’d like more information about careers at sea, my blog post The Merchant Navy FAQ is a good place to start.

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